Chairman's Message

Chairman - Shri U.C. Jain What is education? Education is the process to develop once brain in such a way that the acquisition of knowledge skills values beliefs and habits can be stored safely and securely whatsoever being taught and explained for the better and brighter future.

When a child enter into the school his conduct and thoughts are like a blank slate, on which thoughts are engraved indelibly, hence a teacher has a very significant job as helping to shape the young ones into wonderful people. At this age the student considers their teachers above the God. In order to make this possible it is important that the teacher must possess a creative nature.

When the student reaches in middle level schooling, his foundation should be laid down with the strength on the basis of inquisitiveness and quench of knowledge so that the subject being taught at higher level can be strengthened on this foundation. To make this possible, the role of the principal and faculty members is very significant to have well designed syllabus with effective curriculum so that the enthusiasm of the student for learning at higher level is filled with exhilaration. Evaluation of students understanding on the subject by appropriate criterion to appraise their own performance whether they gave their cent percent or not.

The next step into higher education which is also called Secondary Education at this stage it's significant to know more about the student’s capacity of understanding and aspiration before choosing any stream. Now it is joint responsibility of parents and teachers emerges to guide and counsel for maturing students mental strength and educational direction are required to be synchronised and sharpened for happiness or well being for the student aiming to instillself awareness stimulate good mental health so that he can start knit dreams of his future.

Now the last phase of understanding “What is education?”, the tiny-tot who came to school as an empty slate is now stepping into prime of his adolescence, his logical reasoning is becoming very strong, and is filled with infinite advanced power. He is attracted to the ocean of knowledge available in the outer world, which may or may not be suitable for him, but he feels an unknown breath of fresh air in it. This is the time where the senior faculty, mainly the Principal, is required to guide the students towards the “rights” and guide them with full persistence and tolerance.

Here, it is my personal duty from time to time on appropriate situations to address them and being the elder introduce them to the sweet struggles that the future beholds for them.

I am very thankful to all the patrons who have trusted us. I bow to the most respectful Upadhyay 108 Guptisagar Ji Maharaj, with whose blessings we received so much love for you.

With the spirit of “गुणग्रहणकाभावरहेनितदृष्टिनदोषोंपरजावे” Jai Jinendra, Namaskaar.

With best wishes
Shri U. C. Jain
Founder & Chairman