The Logo

Mission The Logo of the school is designed with a thought that should be the representation of the philosophy and the thinking with which TWGS is established. The logo is the picturesque representation of the school's mission and the founder's vision.

The logo starts with two outer rings in the colour blue. Blue represents sky referring to the limitless opportunities, which the student has when they are enrolled at TWGS at the tender age of 2 or 3 years. The colour blue is associated with harmony, faithfulness and confidence. Encapsulated with -in these blue rings in the name of the school "The Wisdom Global School" again in the blue colour communicating these essence of the organization. On the top is the School's motto "ण्मो जिणाणं" which simply means obeisance to the almighty God. It means we how to all those who have with their efforts conquered over the desires of this material world and attained the supreme pure goal. The Complete logo is designed in a manner that it reflects everything is bowing towards this school motto.

Further ahead, two arrows pointing in a circular manner represent the mission holistic development and the colour green represents the environment, which communicates the philosophy of the School i.e. holistic development with environmental awareness.

The artwork in centre represents two students enjoying and learning in "The Wisdom Global School" forming a 'W' directing towards the school name and looking up at the motto of the School. The golden colour of this artwork represents purity, education, tradition, enlightenment, achievement and triumph.

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