Trustee's Message

All the four houses of the school are named keeping in mind the essence of collective development for students. The solution of all the problems of life is only from non-violence (Ahinsa). To follow non-violence humility (Namrata) is essential, humility is not possible without unity (Ekta), and non-violence, unity is the real truth (Satya) and truth is a religion, therefore it is said that “अहिंसा परमो धर्म: यतो धर्म: ततो जय”.

Mrs. Neeta Jain

I personally feel highly delighted and elated to see that the sapling which was planted back in 2014 is slowly and steadily turning into a big tree. My heartfelt blessings are with all those students who appeared in the school’s first tenth board examinations and made the school proud with amazing results achieved.

I am happy to observe that our students are thoughtful, compassionate and curious learners, each student in his unique way has contributed to what makes TWGS an amazing place to be in. I thank you for sharing your children with us, we are fortunate to be part of their journey.

I am highly confident and hopeful that with the leadership of the new Principal the school will further flourish and will keep on adding new feathers to its hat. Our staff is second to none in their commitment to our students. Their passion for bringing the best for our students is inspiring.

Together, we build a community for our students that believes in their boundless potential.

In the end thanks and Jai Jinendra.

TWGS Trustee
Mrs. Neeta Jain
Graduate from Delhi University

Trustee Mrs. Neeta Jain

Mrs. Sonal Jain

It feels a great sense of pride as TWGS enters into its 5th year. This year TWGS has started newer activities like organizing the "Scholastic Book Fair" to inculcate habit of reading and enriching students literature and diction. We introduced one of its kind "Wisdom Science Fest" to imbibe Science from classroom to reality. Besides this the zealous performance by students on "Wisdom Annual Day" on the theme "Incredible India" showcased their in depth insight and love for the country and its heritage. Our focus is to give a nurturing environment with sufficient exposure to help students realize their passion and equip them.

TWGS Trustee
Mrs Sonal Jain
B.A.(Eco Hons), Jesus & Mary College, DU
M.Sc.(Financial Economics), Cardiff University, UK

Trustee Mrs. Sonal Jain

Mrs. Reema Jain

I am proud to not only be one of the founding members of the school, but also the architect and designer of the school. This project shall always hold a special place in my heart amongst several projects designed and executed by me. We have paid attention to the minutest detail in the infrastructure created for ease of students, their movement, activities, selection of materials, furniture etc. The sourcing has been of safest and finest materials from across the globe. Interesting spaces with unique design have been created to bring out the creativity and inquirer in the child.

TWGS Trustee
Mrs. Reema Jain
B.Arch., School of Planning & Architecture
Masters in Renewable Energy, TERI University

Trustee Mrs. Reema Jain

Mr. Rishabh Jain

These are exciting times for the school and I am delighted that we are taking the school into the next chapter in its history. We are determined to secure an outstanding future for the school and our aims are to build on its current strengths, develop a greater focus on enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, and take the school forward on a journey to outstanding in all areas. Our work is focused on developing and celebrating students as individuals and not just as learners.

At TWGS, our students are at the heart of every decision. Everything we do is about ensuring their experiences. We have high expectations and high aspirations for every one of our students.

We have earned our outstanding reputation through our students’ successes, our rigorous educational programme, our excellent and dedicated staff, our caring community and our engagement in global issues.

TWGS Trustee
Mr. Rishabh Jain
B.E. (Textiles), University of Bolton, United Kingdom
M.B.A., Kogod School of Business, U.S.A.

Trustee Mr. Rishab Jain

Mr. Nikhil Jain

I feel really proud and honoured as we stand at a milestone of the journey that we have just begun. The students of first batch of Class X of the school passed with flying colours & gave us the confidence that the foundation that we have set and the tools that we have provided in the form of infrastructure and faculty are yielding the right results. With numerous awards received during the year, it has motivated us to set new benchmarks for education in the region and in the country.

This is just the beginning as we believe Innovation is the key to success. We shall keep on implementing the best practices from across the globe to make our students excel in all fields. In addition to the academics, sports, extra-curriculars where the school is excelling, we are attempting to make strong focus on moral values and mental well- being of the child as well for the child to stay balanced throughout their life.

I once again wish all the students, our new dynamic leadership, teaching faculty and parents good luck for the new session and look forward to many more laurels in the current year!

TWGS Trustee
Mr. Nikhil Jain
B.E. (Electrical), Delhi College of Engineering
M.B.A., Management Development Institute

Trustee Mr. Nikhil Jain