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Secondary School Secondary School is an exciting place where students enter as pre-adolescents full of possibilities and potential and prepare to leave as mature, balanced and thoughtful young adults. This transformation is the result of our learning environment which is both challenging and supportive, our process of teaching and learning and the emphasis given to inculcating values and imparting life skills to all our children Our teaching recognizes that each student is different and unique and has the ability to shine in their special area under careful nurturing and guidance. Teaching is experiential and students are encouraged to engage and actively construct their own learning. Teachers are encouraging and take on the role of facilitators.

We aim to make our students independent learners who take responsibility for and enjoy the process of learning and who will remain lifelong learners, capable of making their own decisions and being accountable for their actions. At the same time we recognize that children learn best from each other and collaborative learning and group work is central to classroom and outside classroom experiences. Along with a strong academic program, we offer a range of opportunities in music, dance, theatre, pottery, fine art, ICT and sports for our students to excel. Our Life Skills and Adolescent Education Programs empower our students to respond to real life situations in a positive and responsible way. We aim for all students to be articulate, confident, socially responsible and ethical young people ready for the challenges that would lie ahead as they step out of school

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