The School has its own fleet of Air-Conditioned school buses, Mini Buses, Vans being driven by specially trained and experienced drivers and equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking and real time CCTV system.

All buses have a conductor appointed who travels by bus. All Pre-primary students are accompanied ant attended by at least one member of the Staff and a governess traveling on the bus.

No more than the permitted and specific occupants are allowed in the particular vehicle. All the school buses cater for the safety features for the student on-board.

The buses run on a network of routes covering all the major areas of Hardware, Jwalapur, Kankhal, Shivalik Nagar and Sinful areas.

List of Stoppage

Stoppage Action
Haridwar View
Bahadrabad View
Kankhal and Jagjeetpur View
Shivalik Nagar and Sidcul View
Jwalapur View
BHEL, Tehri Visthapit and Shubhas Nagar View
Others View

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